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It all started in a coffeeshop. Well, to be honest, the idea behind Team 8 Nutrition started years beforehand. But the name itself was born inside a coffeeshop with one of my very best friends over a warm cup of coffee around the holidays. I really have to give most of the credit to Sarah and my Dad for coming up with Team 8’s brand.

As I approached my family, three plus years ago, about wanting to start a sports nutrition private practice upon completion of my graduate degree and internship program; I asked for their advice on helping me come up with a name for the business – a name that was going to really mean something to me, was unique, something that encompassed my passion for sports, maybe a play-on-word or food pun that wasn’t too cheesy. Nevertheless, I needed a business name. My dad was in the kitchen, cooking fajitas over the stovetop, when he looked at me and began to tell me his thought behind using the number 8 somewhere in the name. I wore number 8 throughout my collegiate athletic career, and while it absolutely represented some of my fondest memories as a Nebraska Volleyball athlete, it also symbolized my journey to choosing sports nutrition as a career path. My younger sister also wore #8 during her collegiate volleyball tenure, so the number became a special symbol to our family.

Fast-forward about a year or so, after the conversation with Dad over dinner, I sat in the Lake Worth Starbucks with my childhood best friend, Sarah, and we stumbled upon a very similar conversation. I asked her if she had any ideas regarding a business name for the private practice I wanted to start. I began reading her a list of words I had written down, words that held weight and I felt were a strong start. Rise, journey, compete, true, lively, resilient, edge. Then came activate, elevate, integrate, innovate… are you catching my drift with the theme that arose?

Sarah took a sip of her vanilla latte and then said to me, “what about teammate?” ..and I didn’t fall in love with the word “teammate” but I knew I loved the concept of “team.” I’ve always loved the notion behind working together towards a common goal, the relationship building that comes with being a member of a team, wanting to succeed as a unit, understanding as a team you’ll go farther together than you will ever go alone. I’ve been a part of a team for as long as I can remember – so the word “team,” and what it represents, just made sense.

I responded “what about join the team, join team 8?” And in that moment Team 8 Nutrition became the name to beat.

That cup of coffee was almost 2 years ago, and although I’ve tried to come up with a business name I liked more, one that beat Team 8, I’ve always circled back. From that day forward, Team 8 Nutrition has always been “it.”

I truly believe it takes a team to help an individual perform at their best. Family, friends, physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, sports psychologists, strength coaches, and registered dietitians all play an important role in helping an individual cultivate success.

I’m committed to being a part of your team, it’s what I’ve always done, it’s simply just what I know. So with that being said, join the team! Join Team 8 Nutrition to achieve your greatest and loftiest performance and wellness goals.